There are eight Canadian Indigenous Mentorship Networks in Canada, with one National Coordinating Centre, listed below.

National Coordinating Centre

Ombaashi is the national coordinating centre for the Indigenous Network Mentoring Program. We organise professional development and regular networking opportunities.

Alberta Indigenous Mentorship in Health Innovation (AIM-HI)
AIM-HI is the Network is based at University of Calgary and represents Alberta.

Saskatchewan Indigenous Mentorship Network Program
SK-IMNP is the network is based at University of Saskatchewan and represents Saskatchewan.

Prairie Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Network
PIKE-Net is based at University of Manitoba and represents Manitoba.

Mno Nimkodadding Geegi: We Are All Connected
Mno Nimkodadding Geegi is the network based at Western University and represents Ontario.

Quebec Indigenous Mentorship Network
Quebec IMNP the Network represents Quebec.

Atlantic Indigenous Mentorship Network

AIM-Network is the network based at Dalhousie University and Memorial University, and represents the Atlantic Region (Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Ombaashi Network
Ombaashi the Network based at Thompson Rivers University, and provides national/ international Indigenous outreach and opportunities.

Indigenous Mentorship of the Pacific North-West
The Indigenous Mentorship Network of the Pacific Northwest the network based at the University of Victoria, and is the network of Indigenous and allied students, researchers, academics, professionals and communities across British Columbia and the Yukon.